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Oleopator P Oil-Water Separator

The ACO Oleopator P is a range of oil/water separators that allow sediment and light liquids to be separated out simultaneously in one tank and are designed to achieve high performance at large flows in a compact tank. ACO Oleopator P is industry leading in terms of oil separation efficiency under 5mg/L of oil in effluent water.

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Spill Control Oil/Water Separator

The ACO two chamber spill control oil/water separator is based on the principle of gravity; oil is lighter than water and will float and solids are heavier and will, therefore, sink. It does not use enzymes or require frequent maintenance, just periodic removal of solids and oils.

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Spill Containment Curbs

ACO Spill Containment Curbing provides permanent leak protection for hazardous spill problems covering wide areas. Units can be used across doorways to chemical containment rooms or used to create fully contained, bonded areas for industrial facilities where chemicals are used and stored.


Oil Separator Alarm Systems (for use with Oleopator P only)

The optional alarm system is compliant with UL2215. It does not replace visual maintenance, but ensures timely disposal of oil an/or sludge to guarantee correct operation of the system.